How many lots do you have and what are the lot sizes?

There are a total of 33 lots on this 174-acre property. All lots are fully developed and include all infrastructure components. We have excavated the roads and building sites for all lots. Lots range from about 3.21–7.21 acres in size. See vailable lots

How many cabins do you have for sale?

Currently we have 3 completed cabins on site. See cabins currently for sale.

Note: all furnishings seen in pictures are included in your turn-key lot/cabin package.

Can I buy a lot and construct my own cabin on it?

Absolutely. However, the Deer Tracks Log Cabin Community is designed exclusively for log cabin packages. As the Deer Tracks developer we can assist you with many packages.

Deer Tracks offers complete login cabin packages - see all previously sold cabins.

Property owners at Deer Tracks are making a significant investment in this log cabin community concept. As the General Contractor and Developer, I am committed to maintaining the Log Cabin designs we offer for all lots. This is a means of protecting each property owner’s long-term investment in Deer Tracks. The Deer Tracks Property Covenants and Restrictions further support this commitment. Deer Tracks is something special and we want to preserve that for our property owners.

Could I have you design one of your cabins for me?

We will be happy to work with you on modifications of any of the cabins you find here. This can include vacation homes or year-round residences. We will be developing more information related to this option in the upcoming months. Please provide us with your name and number and we will be happy to set down with you in the near future to discuss your ideas. Send contact info now

Are the furniture or decorations for sale?

Actually, we are not in the furniture business. We have especially chosen the furniture, furnishings and decorations for our cabins as part of our concept to offer turn-key, fully furnished cabins for sale. With our Homesteader’s Club discount package, these cabins are being sold with everything you see inside each of the cabins.

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List of available cabins and prices
maps and direction to deer tracks
Covenants and Restrictions
Convenient amortization schedule
The Story Of Deer Tracks

Where did you buy your furniture and decorations?

My sister-in-law, Amy O'Connor, decorated the cabins. She literally has spent countless hours shopping stores from Eastern Wisconsin across to Northeast Iowa. The wood furniture is all Amish crafted and comes from our own Amish network. The decorations come from north woods and lodge specialty stores. Locally, you can find some of these items at Lansing Furniture, or in Prairie due Chien at Cabela’s or Our Neck of The Woods.

Where do these cabins come from?

To this point we are the official distributor for these Amish built log cabins. We have built a proprietary network of Amish craftsman. The cabins, porches, decks, cabinetry and furniture actually come from as many as five Amish communities located in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota.

Are these cabins designed for year round occupancy?

Yes, they are. Each cabin we currently have for sale is designed for year round occupancy. Each cabin has insulated ceilings and floors. The wood logs provide a significant thermal factor for the walls. Burr Oak and Trails End properties include forced-air LP gas furnaces. Meet N Place includes 2 zone in-floor hot water heat.

Vacation property owner: This owner will spend weekends and vacation time at Deer Tracks. They may occasionally want to use their cabin during the winter months when everything is frozen. This is true of many cabins, vacation homes, Lake Homes and recreational homeowners in the Upper Midwest.

First of all, this type of homeowner will winterize their cabins by properly evacuating the water system for the winter months. In the event that the owner spends an occasional weekend in their Deer Tracks cabin during the winter months, each cabin has a frost-free water valve outside the cabin to allow for turning water supply lines on and off. If this option is chosen, then the water system should again be evacuated upon leaving.

Or… each cabin also has an outdoor, frost-free water hydrant that allows the cabin owner to access water without using the indoor water supply pipes. Water can be retrieved from the outside hydrant with pails to be used for toilets and sinks. At the end of your visit, empty the toilet and tank. Then simply pour RV anti-freeze into the toilet, tank and sink drains to protect your drain piping. This is an easy, simple means of having water available as needed, while eliminating the concern of freezing water pipes for short-term, cold weather usage.

Year round resident: If a property owner wants year-round occupancy, they can have the plumbing pipes insulated and/or add heat tape. Some owners may choose to add outside wood burners, electric baseboard heat or LP furnaces in order to secure the cabin for the colder months. Deer Tracks can provide the names of local contractors who will be able to provide these services. These features can be enhanced when owners plan a cabin from the ground up. This can include concrete foundations or basements, central heat, etc.

Deer Tracks has a Homeowner’s Association:

The Homeowner’s Association will own: the roads, the well lots, wells and the water delivery system to each lot. The Association will be responsible for the maintenance of the same. Annual dues payabe September 1st of applicable calendar year will be $500 for 2010/2011 per cabin owner. In future years, the Homeowner’s Association will determine the level of the fee at the Association meeting the first weekend of May. At the time an offer to purchase is made, we will provide the buyer with a copy of the Property Covenants where all these issues are covered in detail.

Deer Tracks has Property Covenants and Restrictions:

The Property Covenants are designed to protect the investment of the property owners in the Deer Tracks Log Cabin Community. All lending institutions, as a part of the underwriting and approval of loans, require covenants and restrictions. Click here for a copy of the covenants and restrictions.

Fixed-Rate Financing?

Our properties qualify for the secondary, fixed-rate market (15 and 30 year mortgages) with rates currently at historic lows. You may never see rates this low again. Click here for an Amortization Schedule

What's the history of Deer Tracks?

Deer Tracks' Beginning: In late 2004, Deer Tracks began as a vision for a unique parcel of property that seemed to be a perfect setting for a Log Cabin Community. This vision provided for log cabins that are turn-key in every sense of the word- they are completely furnished and exquisitely decorated in outdoor themes. And for that extra touch- our cabins and all of the wood furnishings are uniquely, Amish crafted.

The interest in Deer Tracks has been overwhelming. There have been more than 6,000 people who have toured these cabins. This is truly a unique offering from Northeast Iowa that I want to share with you.

In 2009, Deer Tracks welcomed three new homeowners to Deer Tracks, including two Florida residents. Through the course of the year, current property owners continue efforts to improve and enhance their properties. This website continues to maintain a significant amount of interest in this special property development.

In 2008, completed two fabulous cabins we call Green Gables and Burr Oak Hideaway. I'm not exaggerating when I say you must see them to believe them. But the owners of Green Gables will have to give you permission to see one of the finest views in the upper Midwest to see their custom designed home. However, if you hurry… you can snuggle away in Burr Oak Hideaway in one of our finest floor plans and a great, secluded setting.

In 2007, completed five larger cabins with a sixth one currently under construction. Another four homeowners joined this unique Log Cabin Community. Three of these log homes included walk-out basements and a number of valuable upgrades. Work was finished on the central pond, by adding aerators and hundreds of largemouth bass, bluegills and catfish for the benefit of the Homeowner’s Association.

In 2006, the Deer Tracks Community continued: Seven new log homes were built. The new designs include a number of exciting features owners and guests have suggested, including: an abundance of built-in closet space; utility rooms with washer/dryer hookups; Baseboard heat is included as supplement to the wood burning stoves. Also added - Central Heat & A/C; and finally- spiral staircases to certain homes. Each cabin is designed for your 4-season pleasure. 2006 ended by selling 14 out of the 15 completed cabins in our first 20 months of operation.

2006 Property Enhancements:
Deer Tracks added a 3-acre lake in the center of the property that will include a Community picnic area. In addition thousands of supplemental trees, shrubs and flowers were planted to enhance the beauty of the individual lots at Deer Tracks.

2005 introduction of Deer Tracks was very well received. Deer Tracks introduced seven cabins to the market at a Grand Opening on Labor Day weekend of 2005. Six of those cabins were purchased and closed within 43 days!

Open Houses - Or CABINS - are scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00- 4:00.

To gain the most from your tour at Deer Tracks, you can set up an appointment by calling 920-948-7059 or e-mail us, as provided for in the “Contact” tab above.

1803 Trophy Lane
Hwy 76 South
Harpers Ferry, Iowa 52146

FAX - 262-567-7823
920-948-4207 (Jerry O'Connor)


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